Dr Laura Quinton : GP & Nutritional Therapist

How I can help


I am trained to offer medical consultations with patients of all ages and with all types of problems.  I take a complete medical history including a medication review and assessment of lifestyle factors such as stress response, sleep and work-life balance. With my additional training in nutrition, I can also offer a personalised review of diet and supplements. A bespoke action plan can be made which might include further investigations and referrals depending on the case.

Having spent over 20 years working as a GP in London I have experience of referrals to many top specialists in the capital. At 25 Harley Street, we have in-house blood testing, x ray, ultrasound, bone density scanning and body composition assessment plus a range of top practitioners that I work with. I am trained to interpret routine medical tests as well as more specialised nutritional tests such as a comprehensive digestive analysis and micronutrient testing if required and indicated.


Diet and digestion are at the heart of a healthy lifestyle. They are inextricably linked to hormone health and mood balance. The following conditions do particularly well with a considered holistic medical approach rather than a quick fix.


I'm a GP but I specialise in:



Menopause is a time of change affecting mind and body. Women can live half their lives after the menopause so why not try to feel as good as you can? Diet, sleep, stress levels and exercise affect the balance of our hormones. What you eat is important but also how you process your food. A surprising number of women have poor digestion and an imbalance of healthy gut bacteria. Menopause can affect every cell in the body. I can offer advise on lifestyle and Hormone Replacement therapy. I am a member of the British menopause Society.

Pregnancy Planning

Planning a pregnancy is a time when many couples start to take control of their health and start trying to optimise their wellness. It is good practice to develop good lifestyle practices for a healthy baby and healthy outcome. Women can book in alone, or with their partner, either before conception or alongside fertility treatment. This is a great opportunity to discuss any concerns and plans. I can offer a medical consultation with nutritional therapy support and ideas. Testing for nutritional deficiencies, immunity, hormonal balance and general health can be added on as required.


Insomnia & Stress

Our bodies need sleep to repair and rejuvenate. Poor quality sleep can cause many chronic health problems. I see this very frequently in my surgery. Popping sleeping pills can be a quick fix but not a solution. A holistic approach can help tackle the root cause. Understanding a person's hormonal factors such as cortisol and melatonin levels can help. Many nutritional deficiencies and imbalances can also affect sleep. Taking time to unravel these factors and look for a workable practical solution is a better long term plan than pill popping.



Initial Appointments £350 per hour at 25 Harley Street

Tests carry additional fees and examples of tests include:

Dutch Test

Complete Blood tests

Thyroid Function

Comprehensive Stool Test

Adrenal Stress Test

X rays


Bone Density Scanning


Referrals can be made in house to:

Large range of medical specialists


Nutritional Therapists