My clinic

I get asked a lot about where I practice and how I combine being a medically trained GP with training in nutritional therapy.
Here I answer some of my frequently asked questions. 

So where do you practice Dr Quinton?

I offer private appointments for GP and Nutrition at 25 Harley Street in London. At 25 we have access to a wide range of investigations and services under one roof. 

What conditions do you see patients for?

As a GP I can see patients for anything.  My personal interests are women's health and hormones, I commonly see women with concerns about menopause, planning a baby, PCOs, fatigue and thyroid.

I also do general check ups and health screens, including sexual health. 

I cover all the normal things that you can see a GP for.  I am a Member of the Royal College of General Practitioners and fully licenced by the GMC. 

Do you prescribe HRT?

Yes, as a GP I am fully licensed to prescribe Hormone replacement Therapy.  My HRT of choice is Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy. These are hormones which have a structure like the ones of our own bodies. The oestrogen component is delivered transdermally, or through the skin, to avoid side effects on the gut and liver. I prefer Progesterone over Progestins. The choice will depend upon the individual. There are many options. 

Can Nutrition affect Menopause?

A big YES. Assessment of menopause needs an assessment of other hormones such as those produced by the thyroid gland and adrenal gland. These hormones are all related to diet and lifestyle. Sleep and stress response are fundamental to an understanding of hormonal status. An assessment of gut health, diet and lifestyle is crucial to a plan for menopause. I like to get a balance between natural lifestyle factors and medication that is right for the individual patient. 

Do you work with Gynaecologists?

I have a large number of medical colleagues covering a variety of specialities when I need an expert opinion. From Gynaecologists to Dermatologists all under one roof. I can also refer to physiotherapists, counsellors, nutritional therapists and dieticians when the need arises. At 25 Harley Street we have a lot of experts on hand. 

How long are your GP & Nutrition appointments? What is the cost?

One hour for the first appointment. £250

30 minutes for follow up  £195

What can I expect at my first appointment?

The first consultation involves a lot of information gathering. I will discuss what you want to achieve. I will look at a diet and lifestyle diary, medications and any investigations you may have done already. After a full medical consultation I will suggest further testing if indicated. I will work with you to devise an individual plan of treatment and further management to help you achieve your aims. 

What hormone tests do you do for menopause? How much do they cost?

I offer the standard blood tests for FSH, LH and Oestradiol as well as thyroid function, TSH, T4, T3 and antibodies. We can add on individual vitamin and mineral requests to the blood tests if indicated, such as Vitamin D, Magnesium, zinc. These blood tests start from about £120. Blood tests for omega 3;6 balance or full nutritional status can be arranged on request. 

I also offer urine tests such as the Dutch test which measures hormone metabolites for oestrogen, progesterone, androgens and cortisol. This gives even more insight into hormonal status in the body over 24 hours or over a complete menstrual cycle. The 24 hour analysis is recommended around menopause and includes assessment of key neurotransmitter metabolites such as serotonin. A cycle mapping would be indicated for fertility investigation for example. Prices start at around £259

I can offer additional tests for adrenal stress and the cortisol awakening response. 

Many patients are interested in gut testing and I can arrange Comprehensive stool testing by Genova laboratories. Prices start around £350. 

Can I get bone density scanning? 

At 25 Harley Street, we can offer Bone density or Body Composition scans which start from about £270. Bone density is a common concern of women around the menopause, especially if there is a family history of osteoporosis. 

How do I make an appointment to see you?

Click on the CONTACT button on my website. Find out whether coming to see me is right for you or call 020 3883 9525 to book in. 

Laura Quinton