Welcome to the new look

Welcome to my new baby! My new website launches today March 1st.

Spring WAS in the air as I set about putting the final touches to my new site last week. So this week of snow has made me think on that one again! Spring is certainly around the corner though, and I feel this is the best time of the year to get motivated and to get informed about health and wellbeing. What better way than Lifestyle Medicine? A combination of the best of both worlds. Traditional medicine and Natural Medicine. Medicines and Doctors when you need them and a good review of diet, nutrition, sleep, stress management and spiritual wellbeing in conjunction with that. 

I have been planning some packages to offer patients who might be considering a fresh approach to their health and a new start for 2018.

In my experience, people often start to take an interest in their health when they undergo a change. Be that a new year, a new season or a new start. I commonly see patients in my surgery who are motivated to take control of their health when they have experienced an acute illness in themselves or someone close to them. Sometimes this can be a wake up call and a shock to the system. Many of the patients I see who suffer acute illness want to try and help themselves feel better. This time of reflection can motivate a patient to go and seek information in order to help themselves. A check up, a blood test, information on diet and lifestyle. There is so much information out there. I want to keep my website factual, safe and evidence based yet explore all ideas and take everyone's experiences into account. I love an open mind but I like my patients to make changes which make them feel better mentally as well as physically. 

I base my practice around the first principal of Medicine. First, do no harm. I like to weigh up everything, and find what works for my individual patient. My blogs are general discussions and it is always good to check out things for yourself and find what works for you and makes you feel good. (As that is the ultimate aim). People seek health information for themselves from within themselves or it might come about on the suggestion of someone who cares about them. Whatever works is good. I love seeing my patients trying to get information and feel better. It's often the first hurdle to take control of your health. I often see husbands sent in by their wives, and parents brought in by their children.  

A common time I see patients motivated to get further information on their health in order to feel as good as they can is around a time of hormone change. 

My passion is women's health, and I commonly see an increase in motivation to look at health and lifestyle in women around the times of hormonal change. Menopause, pregnancy and the teenage years. 

So, in planning a new website, it is a little bit like planning a new baby. Seeking good sources of advice, planning ahead and doing the best you can. One of my favourite mottos is:

"It is never too late"

I see patients in their 70s and 80s who can be willing to start something new and implement change. So welcome to the new site. It's never too late to get motivated, make a change and start again. We all need a little reboot from time to time. Hopefully you will find some motivation and ideas for optimising your health from dipping into my website. 



Laura Quinton