Is Organic really better?

Going Organic

As a doctor with an interest in nutrition I am often advising people to ‘eat organic’. I know this can often cause people to roll their eyes and I do get it. They want to know if going organic will make a difference. Well the answer is yes. The same can be said for cleaning products and our toiletry items. But sometimes it can feel like the advice you get is making you skint. Read on.

First of all decide whether you want to go organic and what this means to you.

Your motivation will depend on your own health history and circumstances. Using organic means not ingesting unnecessary chemicals and hormones. It can also mean supporting the environment and a fairer society. Using products that have been ethically sourced means the people involved at the grass roots level received a fair payment. How important is this to you?

When it comes to meat, think more quality and less quantity. Our long lost ancestors did not eat meat on a daily basis. We do not need to eat meat on a daily basis. Good quality meat is expensive just like it was to our ancestors. They often literally risked life and limb to get it. Explore plant based protein sources and creative ways of making your hard earned money go further.

If cash is tight consider the dirty dozen fruit and vegetables. These are the produce which are much much better to buy organic as they have a higher risk of containing pesticides and chemicals if they are not.

The Dirty Dozen: Full list can be found here

You might want to start with going organic for the dirty dozen fruit and vegetable and buy non organic for other fresh food or tinned food as a starting point. That will still be good and a step in the right direction.

Your skin is the largest organ in your body. Remember that a lot of what you put onto your skin can be absorbed. Forget what it says on the front and go to the label. Educate yourself as to what these ingredients mean and stick to ones that can easily be researched. Take a photo of the label and look it up at home to teach yourself. If you don’t have time to do that then look on the website of the brand and see whether they look like they are ethical and have integrity. Prioritise products that are paraben free as a starting point. Look for stamps such as soil association approved, Their website is very informative. You can visit their website here.

My philosophy is not about trying to be perfect it’s about taking a step in the right direction for you.